Mystic Blue Therapeutics was founded in 2016 by Artisan Calvert Mota.  Creating handcrafted aromatherapy compress packs, 100% aromatherapy mists, therapy-grade cold process soap, and exquisite coconut wax artisan candles .  All made from natural materials

Our handcrafted compress packs are beautiful and functional, in the sense you can use them for the amazing aromatherapy properties they deliver at Room Temperature, while Heated, or Chilled.  As a highly effective Hot & Cold compression pack for achy, tense upper body muscles.  Relieving new or existing minor injuries.  Or even to simply cool-down after a workout or hot-flash.  Or at room temperature while lounging at home 'watching television' on the couch - or traveling by land, sea or aircraft

Our Logo represents the Lauburu.  An ancient Basque symbol that is believed to be representative of the Basque identity, culture and unity. In the Basque language, Euskera, translates to four “lau” heads “buru”.  The icon is generally considered a symbol of prosperity. It lends itself to several interpretations that have religious, cosmic, philosophical and naturalistic meanings – just as our intention is for our products!


Place the pillow in the microwave for two minutes, adding 20 second intervals until desired heat.  Will retain temperature for thirty minutes.  Repeat as desired.


Place the pillow in the freezer overnight and it will retain temperature for thirty minutes.  Repeat as desired.


Spray on your pillows to refresh or amplify the aroma.  Spray on your favorite Jeans, Bedding, Cloth Shower Curtain, Body or Room (especially before receiving a massage or practicing Yoga).  Spray in your car for yourself or when you have company.



We are happy to answer any questions or consider any special requests that you may have. 
In addition, we can customize a pillow or mist for your private event or as promotional gifts!

In our modern world of materialism we often choose our products for the enjoyment they bring, rather than the healing they may or may not provide

For instance, like many of us - I love technology, innovation and gadgets!

I am first in line to upgrade my smartphone every-two years, even if my current one works fine.  But there’s something to be said about having the best and most up-to-date in technology. I enjoy all the new features each model is packed with.  Whether it is the size, software or shape – or maybe just because I can own the latest, so I do.

I am also aware the same thing that I love and enjoy contributes to self-injury. Both mental and physical (from overuse).  Since our bodies are not designed to constantly interact with magnetic waves – when we use our touch-screens. Radio waves when we use our phones, and improper posture, when we stare at our devices to text, email or use social media apps

The upside is that I am aware of this, and you may be too – or maybe you do not think of it as often, but reading this you’re beginning to ponder…

Now, it is not only personal electronic communication gadgets that may harm us, but also our jobs, the routine and all the mechanical and automatic products we use every-single-day.  Here are some examples.

If you live in any city, you commute to and from work in a car (or a bicycle) very few of us can walk to work

If you have a 9-5 job, you are most-likely sitting on an uncomfortable chair staring at one or two computer monitors and endlessly typing away with the keyboard, just like I am doing now

f you’re a warrior and can find the time and energy to workout after your shift, you push yourself to lift weights or treadmill to stay fit and grow lean muscle

 You have very little time and energy left, and so does your significant other – so you both pick-up fast food or semi-homemade food and snacks

You want and sometimes feel you “need” more material things, so you buy them and now you have to work extra hard to pay for them

You’ve had a stressful work week so you treat yourself to a glass or two of wine/beer

Now that you’ve felt tension in your muscles you book a chiropractic session and have an adjustment

All these things affect your body, specifically your eyes, internal organs, spine, serenity and perception. For this, I developed an affordable therapy solution to incorporate into your routine – to alleviate symptoms of stress

One of the first symptoms of stress is insomnia, trapezius strain and feeling irritated. Your trapezius muscles ache and burn from the base of your skull to between your shoulder blades.  The good news is that they are easy to decompress and soothe with compress therapy. For this, I handcrafted a 3-4 pound flax seed pack that is long enough and heavy enough to stretch out and cover your shoulders and neck.  When used chilled, it reduces inflammation to the area, relieving pain. 

Our 100% Aromatherapy essential oil mist offers healing properties by stimulating your senses and creating new energy.  Triggering optimistic response from your body and mind

In the autumn and winter, we encourage to use our Compress Pack by placing them in the microwave for 2 minutes, adding 20 second intervals until your desired temperature.  Rest the pillow around your neck/shoulders and cover yourself with a warm blanket as you sit on acozy chair, spraying a bit of our aromatherapy mist - all while reading your favorite book.  
This is also an opportunity to create new energy and increase circulation so that your body can detox and rejuvenate

Please consult your physician for serious injuries, but for minor aches and pains follow instructions above

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